August 1, 2020

Corona virus and Telecommunication

The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) represents a very challenging and uncertain time for all of us. While it is difficult to predict precisely how it will continue but for sure, the impact of it has been both immediate and far-reaching, spreading across geographic, demographic, and economic domains simultaneously. Telecom operators have never been more relevant than they are today, connecting families and communities while keeping businesses and educational institutions logged on.
June 1, 2020

The Impact of Corona Virus on Training System

Right now, the world is going through a huge crisis with the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19). On 11th January 2020 when China announced its first fatality from the novel Coronavirus, nobody anticipated that the world would be coming to a standstill in a few short weeks. The World Health Organization has declared it a pandemic, all around the world with confirmed cases.
April 13, 2020

Is the Covid-19 pandemic a cause for the digital transformation?

Everyone is touching how the coronavirus pandemic has a profound impact on social life and the economy. How are digital companies getting along during this crisis?The social and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are difficult to predict at this point of time. Along with concerns about the health of the population, fears of a serious economic crisis are in the air as well. Due to the initial restrictions, the existence of some firms is already endangered just a few weeks into the new measures; others need to fundamentally retool their approaches and develop a different culture of work.
April 13, 2020

Corona Virus and Remote Working

We’re writing this brief text in the middle of a global health crisis. The coronavirus pandemic is fundamentally changing the way many organizations operate. Governments and businesses around the world are telling those with symptoms to self-quarantine and everyone else to practice social distancing and in a bid to stem the spread of Corona Virus.