Project governance

“The survival and growth of businesses depend on the implementation of investment plans, which are tools for achieving the company’s goals. In this regard, developing a project management system from ideation to project completion is essential to achieve value engineering in projects and prevent waste and disproportionate allocation of resources.

At Andisheh Fakher Institute, we help our clients in their businesses by providing a comprehensive project management framework, including planning, directing, controlling, and monitoring projects in their established companies. Our experts have extensive experience in defining, implementing, supervising, and evaluating projects at various levels. By dynamically evaluating their project management process, our clients can achieve the stated goals in their project charter and ultimately take steps towards growth and excellence in their company.”

Diagnosis and troubleshooting of the organization's project management system

"Many organizations believe that their project management system is in good condition and ideal. However, upon closer review and audit, it becomes clear that this system lacks standard and approved processes, and in general, there is no comprehensive plan to improve the existing project management system. Andisheh Fakhr, using diagnostic and troubleshooting methods, can identify existing problems and issues in the project management system effectively. In addition, the team at Andisheh Fakhr does not only provide recommendations and solutions but also works with the employer to provide and implement solutions based on the situation."